Benefit - Skinchanger
Skinchanger Fate

You are now no longer restricted to your Animal Cohort for the purpose of warging. Entering an animal that is not your Animal Cohort requires mastering the animal’s Will. This process involves finding an animal in sensory range and engaging in a Conflict Test, using your Animal Handling against the beast’s passive Will.

The animal resists its will being subsumed, and many animals will demonstrate either fear or anger at the intrusion. Success means that you have imprinted your will upon the animal, and may control it through your Warg Benefit.

While you are wearing one of these skins, you may use it to enter into combat. As an added benefit, it can take Injuries and Wounds. If the animal takes a Wound, however, you snap back to your own body and gain a point of Fatigue from the experience.

It is difficult to imprint upon too many beasts at once, however. After the first non-Animal Cohort beast so imprinted, add a +3 cumulative bonus to the beast’s passive Will for the purpose of imprinting it. There are practical limits to how many beasts may be active as potential wargskins at once, and those wargs who manage to accrue large numbers of beasts are well-respected and feared among those cultures (such as wildlings) who acknowledge the existence of wargs.

By spending a Destiny point, a warg may also make a human of Cunning 1 into a viable target for this Benefit, allowing the warg to ride those who are simpler in mind.

If, at the moment of his bodily death, a warg is either within one of his skins or cognizant enough to shift into one of them, he may burn a Destiny point to permanently take over that creature, continuing his existence. He retains his Cunning and Will, as well as all appropriate Benefits and Drawbacks, particularly his warging abilities.

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