Benefit - Greensight
Greensight Fate

You have two kinds of dreams: premonitions and portents. When you sleep, roll 1d6. On a 6, you experience one or the other.

Premonitions are simple dreams, more emotion and feeling than concrete images. They are warnings of trouble in your personal life and provide inspiration and strength to make it through those events. In game terms, you may choose any single test the following day to gain a +1D on, reflecting a sudden insight into the difficulty and how to navigate it best. Another way that premonitions might be employed is when spending or burning a point of Destiny to edit a scene, allowing you to have retroactively dreamt of this situation. In such a situation, the scene editing results from the character gaining insight from the dream.

Portents are prophetic dreams, powerful visions of what is to comeā€”or of what is happening now. The dreams are filled with symbolic meaning, images, and metaphors. The meaning behind the dreams is not always obvious, but once you have experienced one, you will see the fulfillment of your visions in the unfolding of the events around you. You may also choose the nature of a portent. By spending a point of Destiny, you may choose the symbolism and meaning of a portent dream, granting you a +1D that may be used toward making that dream come true. Unlike premonitions, this bonus remains for longer than a single day, waiting until it is used. If your Narrator has a portent ready, when you experience a green dream, you receive that portent. Otherwise, such dreams are assumed to be premonitions.

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