Benefit - Gifted Teacher
Gifted Teacher Ability

You can impart your knowledge onto other characters. A successful Persuasion test grants that character bonus dice on Knowledge tests your student makes related to the topic of instruction. A teacher can only instruct someone of lesser Knowledge than them. The Difficulty of the test depends on the size of the bonus you wish to confer. A failed test means the subject matter was too lofty for the student to absorb.

  • Routine (6): 1B
  • Challenging (9): 2B
  • Formidable (12): 3B
  • Hard (15): 4B
  • Very Hard (18): 5B
  • Heroic (21): 6B

After successful instruction, the student at any time makes a Challenging (9) Cunning test (Memory applies) to recall the teachings. A success grants the student +1B per degree, drawn from the bonus dice you conferred. Once the student exhausts the pool of bonus dice, the student can't draw further on the teachings.

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