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Right on the cusp of the Central Business District and the Arts District the posh club that looks like the Parthenon on the outside is a Member's Only Club (Resources ●●●●). Inside is like what the home of the gods might look like. Gold, marble, clear water. Thirteen themes prevail the club, one for each of the Greek Gods.

The Zeus area is a dance room where pure water rain downs from the ceiling and the floor is a special non-slip surface. Between and during songs at appropriate points there are cracks of thunder and strobes of 'lightning'.

On the roof where there are lush gardens and another outdoor pool area, a large section of the garden area has been set up as a lovely place to have a wedding. A marble stage is covered in an arbor that is dripping in beautiful flowers. Marble benches for guests of the wedding are angled and spaced for a perfect view of the proceedings. Very tame and pleasant peafowl wander this area that is dedicated to Hera.

The rooftop outdoor pool is only one of a plethora of pools or hot tubs available all over the club. Each of them of course dedicated to Poseidon via statues or mosaics in, on, or by the water features. Swimming attire is completely optional. One area is a large aquarium tank for the walls of the room with the pool in the middle with plexiglass walls that allow you to swim with the fishes without harm coming to either the swimmer or the marine life that includes sea turtles and a couple of sharks.

Statues and mosaics of Dionysus are found around the bars and dance areas within the club. A very cheeky statue has a spigot penis and depending on how you twist the balls, red or white wine is "on tap".

For those worried about the harmful effects of getting too much sun, the Apollo Salon offers decadent spa atmosphere with only the most advanced tanning techniques and devices that give a natural (not orange) full body tan to their more sun shy members.

A small casino area with slot machines, a roulette table and a poker table for couples. A wi-fi and phone bay is of course dedicated to Hermes. This is also where a service desk is located so messages from outside or within the club get to the people they need to get to.

There is a presence of statues of Aphrodite located throughout the club where there are padded and pillowed nooks. A promise from the club that sexual activity is encouraged and confidential.

For those with a much darker taste for things, there is the Underworld Room, windowless and decorated to look like an underground cavern. All manner of dark and sexy rituals is rumored to happen within the room under the obsidian vestige of the god Hades.

Sharing the basement of the building is a labyrinth. Dead ends provide private places for meetings, while those that make it to the center where there's Ares Arena can watch or participate in mock (or not so mock) battles.

Back above ground, Athena statues are here and there in the more common areas. In these places are intricate chess tables. On the rooftop garden, there is a human-sized chess board in the grass with a statue of Athena at every corner. Real owls use the arms of the statue as perches.

The Forge is an in club gift shop where Hephaestus is given respect.

A five star all organic, all kosher restaurant called Demeter's Bounty is a fine dining experience under a mural of the goddess surrounded by the depictions of the four seasons.

There is a zone for the more chaste clientele, dedicated to the two virgin goddesses, Artemis and Hestia. A wildlife cafe, similar to the more widely known Cat Cafe has small creatures that are very people friendly and are all animals that have been injured or rescued that cannot go back to the wild. So they instead act as ambassadors for wildlife preservation and all of the proceeds made in the cafe go to Jean Laffitte Wildlife Preserve. Dogs that are trained service animals are also available. There are even a few cats, but they aren't trained because they are cats. Hestia's Hearth is a neighboring lounge around a central bonfire. These two areas are the only two places clients can bring their children. No sexual activities are allowed here and movies play on the big screens hung above the fireplace. Bluetooth headphones that resemble laurels once worn by the Greeks allow for a quiet but entertaining area to simply lounge about on the large chaises and watch a movie or read, or have some nice relaxed time with some company.

Characters of Note




Stavros Pearce is an expat that came from Greece to make a lot of money in the low price of property in New Orleans post-Katrina. He bought an old public pool hall and turned it into the Olympus Club. The exclusivity of the club keeps it popular with the kind of people that can afford the club. "Zeus" was inherently rich, to begin with, the club reflects that wealth and the current success of the business. Zeus has put plenty of investments into the Club and it shows. The decadence of the club is also a reflection of his satyr taste for excess and extravagance.



Hostess & Dancer & Partner

Stavros fell in love with Xiulan when he saw her onstage dancing in the Central Ballet Troupe, the National Ballet of China. He woo'd her and won her heart. When she was replaced by a younger model in the troupe, Stavros whisked her away to jet-set around the world and finally come to New Orleans when his new business venture was finally ready for opening. He made her his partner in this business, she knows it was to keep her from slipping into the banal grips of depression, but it worked. She loves the club and has found a new calling. Her life before Stavros has made her someone that is quite disciplined. This is credited by Stavros himself as to why the Olympus Club is not one of his flash in the pan business experiments. It has lasted and they still enjoy the work all these years later.

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