Mississippi Pearl
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This refurbished showboat holds within it one of the few movable freeholds in the world. A central cabin located at the heart of the ship, flanked by two others, holds within it a small balefire. The three cabins and the walkway between them form the extent of the freehold. Neither Quillan nor Pearl understands the workings of their chimerical cabins; they just accept their good fortune and bless whoever created the ship.

The central cabin is a large living area similar to a lobby and game room. Comfortable seating is interspersed with card tables, and billiards table and a reading area. A small stage occupies one corner. The other two cabins are sumptuously decorated bedrooms with large four-posters draped in velvet. The whole area looks very much like the master cabin area of a well-to-do riverboat gambler or captain from the age of paddle wheelers. All the rooms have small port-hols that offer views of the mighty Mississippi.

Only Kithain see the hallway leading to the freehold; others passing through see only an ornate full-length mirror within a scrolled gold frame hung at the end of the passageway.

Characters of Note



Star of the Mississippi Pearl

Pearl handles the 'front of house' activities of the boat. She is an attentive hostess and a five-star lounge entertainer. Pearl believes that the freehold remains in existence due to the romantic Glamour inspired by the age of the old paddle-wheelers. The mobility of the freehold helps to quiet Pearl's Eshu wanderlust. She feels content and happy aboard the boat, it is her home, it is her job, it is her life and she does everything in her power to make sure it is maintained, protected and prosperous.



Captain of the Mississippi Pearl

Quillan doesn't understand how the boat was originally created, but he's made it his life's work to keep the old girl going. He isn't seen above decks by customers a whole lot. He tends to keep to below decks and in the engine room. His grumpy nature and foul mouth has gotten him shooed back below by Pearl enough times that he's gotten the drift.

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