Merit - Living Legend
Living Legend 5 pt. Merit You are the living, breathing incarnation of {$detail1}. Note that you are an incarnation, not a reincarnation. You are the embodiment of an individual legend. Your fae mien matches your heritage perfectly. Any Kithain with even the slightest knowledge of the original tale will recognize you immediately, and you are likely to attract a great deal of attention from the cultures that give birth to the legend. When people recognize you, the difficulty of your social rolls reduces by two. You gain access to one of your ancestor’s Attribute or Ability ratings once per chapter. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this Merit may also allow you to have knowledge of, if not access to, certain chimera or Treasures related to your legend. Your appearance and your memories may make it hard to get along unnoticed in ordinary society. It can also be very hard to live up to what is expected of you.
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