Lisette Levay
Portrait of Fae Mien
Portrayed by Naomie Harris
Faerie Name: Lisaniettia
Alias: Voodoo Queen
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Arcadian Sidhe
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: Courtier / Riddler
House: House Eiluned
Title: Duchess
Changeling: The Dreaming


At 5' 10" and almost 170 pounds, Lisette towers over most other women. She has short, curly brown hair and green eyes. When she does her fortune telling she wears a long, black wig and colorful "voodoo queen" clothing. She disdains court attire, preferring comfortable jeans, tunics and boots


She revels in being Unseelie like a child enjoys the sensation of being "bad". Although she still enjoys partying and thumbing her nose at authority, she has learned a greater appreciation for power.


Ever since she was a child Lisette knew that she was going to be something different, as did the rest of her family with her penchant for just being "someplace else" and talking to people who weren't there. This wasn't unexpected or a surprise as her family were of proud Cajun stock and had a strong history of producing voudon. However, her path changed course when she went through the Chrysalis during Carnival soon after puberty. One of the krewes happened to be a motley of changelings and when they found her they helped her through it.

Lisette discovered she was sidhe, a noble faerie; she knew her family would not understand what was happening to her, so she never went back home to the family bayou. Instead, she got a job in the French Quarter as a waitress at some beer-and-oyster joint and got an apartment with three other girls.

Bored with waitressing, she began styling herself a Voodoo Queen, she would tell fortunes at a bookshop; reading palms, cards, and tea leaves. She found that it was more profitable than her waitress job, which she quit. Further, she was able to tell from her clients which of them possessed the ability to feed Glamour to her through their creativity. Even more frightening, she started communing with the dead for real.

In the years that followed, Lisette made contact with various criminal groups in New Orleans, and discovered an old abandoned freehold, called Spirit Hall, in the swamps of Barataria. Utilizing the swamp's spooky atmosphere, Lisette tells fortunes atop the stump of an old, twisted cypress tree that marks the boundary of her freehold. Sometimes she even summons "haints." Setting herself up as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, she invited the area's other changelings to come to her "court" and party. After the other changelings acclaimed her ruler of the city, she appealed to King Meilge to declare her ruler of the Duchy of the Delta Crescent. Impressed by the upstart sidhe, Meilge threw his support behind her as well.

Since becoming Duchess, she has gradually consolidated her power in the swamp, focusing less and less on New Orleans. She has been criticized for letting it fall into the hands of House Fiona, but she seems unconcerned.



Countess Amaltheia

Countess Amaltheia

Countess of the Big Easy

Though Lisette supported Amaltheia's appointment, she has shown little outward support. She makes occasional appearances at the Court of Plenty, but has little interaction with the city fae these days.

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