Flaw - Echoes
Echoes {$points} pt. Flaw

Your connection to the Dreaming is strong. Because of this powerful connection, you’re more susceptible to the tales of things which traditionally affect faeries. Although Echoes is purchased as a Flaw, it often has a beneficial side effect. The points received with this Flaw reflect the level of your connection to the Dreaming and even to Arcadia.

Minor Echoes: Salt thrown over the shoulder for good luck protects a mortal from faerie powers. The same is true of bread. Your cantrips cannot affect any mortal who does so for the duration of the scene. Cantrips simply do not work, and may backfire. Any mortal knowing your full name can command three tasks from you, which you must accomplish before achieving freedom from that mortal’s influence. However, you need only follow the exact wording of the mortal’s request, not the desire behind the request.

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