Xhabo Duna
Portrayed by Djimon Hounsou
Name: Xhabo Duna
Status: Foreigner
Rank/Title: Right Hand of Boss
Occupation: Prince of the Undercity
Faction: Undercity
Birthplace: Summer Isles
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Motivation: {$motivation}
Virtue: {$virtue}
Vice: {$vice}
A Song of Ice and Fire

A tall, powerfully built man with ebony skin. His large, calloused hands and powerful build speak of a life of struggle and labour. He sports a clean-shaven head, and a small beard on his chin tinted with premature grey. Over a broad nose is set a pair of quiet, soulful eyes that drink in all that they observe. Though rarely seen, his bare back is covered in numerous long scars, many of which wrap around his shoulders and sides.

Xhabo wears simple, undyed clothing, designed to provide little to grab hold of in a grappling match. His tunic is a sturdy wool knit, drab and grey, sleeveless to bare his powerful arms. His trousers are plain brown workman's garb, with several pockets sewn into them. Leather bracers reinforced with metal rings wrap around his forearms. The leather extends all the back to the backs of his hands to provide protection for his knuckles and extra punching power in the form of brass studs set in the leather.

Over his other clothing, Xhabo wears a thick leather coat, providing some moderate protection. It reaches to his knees, making it suitable for disguising smaller weapons, or other items he would rather keep out of sight.


Xhabo Duna (ZHAH-boh DOO-nuh) was born in the Summer Islands, in the city of Lotus Port on Walano. His mother, Milaya Duna, was a respected prostitute, though the identity of his father remains a mystery. But it is strongly suspected that he was sired by Mundu, a sea captain. Mundu frequently took the boy out on short trips to other islands when in the region. During these trips, Xhabo learned how to man a ship, how to handle a bow, and how to fight with his bare hands. He'd always been a strong, sturdy lad, and could grapple with a few of the sailors even at the tender age of eleven.

It was during one of these voyages in Xhabo's thirteenth year that Mundu's ship fell under attack. Seeing that they would quickly lose to the pirate vessel, Mundu ordered the surrender. But too late, it became evident that the attackers were not pirates, but slavers out of Yunkai. Mundu and his men tried to fight, but it was too late. The slavers overran the ship, and Mundu was killed along with several other sailors. The rest, including Xhabo, were taken captive and bound into slavery.

Xhabo spent many years as a slave

Once delivered to the Yellow City, Xhabo was pressed into the city's army, where he trained in the spear and shield. He might have been made a eunuch, had he not been noticed by one of the Wise Masters and his wife. Though remaining a soldier, Xhabo was also called upon to spend much of his time with the couple.

At the age of seventeen, Xhabo was caught bedding one of his master's daughters. He was whipped severely and was bound to a post to be left to die in the sun. But a houseguest of the Wise Master, a man named Gazrir zo Pahl, saw this as a waste of a powerful specimen and offered a fair price to take the young Summer Islander back to Meereen with him. There, he had Xhabo further trained for the fighting pits. He knew Xhabo would not likely last very long but would give good sport, and he could easily more than make up for the price he paid.

Xhabo the gladiator

Gazrir's faith in Xhabo's endurance paid off, as the young slave lasted nearly a year in the pits, far better than his master had expected. But Gazrir would not have much opportunity to enjoy the spoils of Xhabo's victories. During the celebration of Xhabo's thirteenth victory, men in the employ of one of Gazrir's rivals attacked the party, killing dozens, including Gazrir zo Pahl himself. In the chaos, Xhabo slipped away. He attacked a guardsman and stole his armour, and the following morning walked out of the city in disguise while "escorting" the labour slaves to the copper mines.

He followed the coast west until he came across a smuggler's ship…with only one smuggler aboard. Two of the man's crew had fallen ill and died, and the third jumped ship for fear of contagion. Xhabo offered his services in exchange for transport away from Slaver's Bay, and a deal was struck. Xhabo and the smuggler, a Lyseni named Loraquo, became fast friends. When they reached the Free Cities, Loraquo engaged Xhabo's help to deal with a few troublesome people who owed him money. The two made a very effective team and found there was real profit to be made by their partnership. Soon they attracted others, and over the next several years, Loraquo became a criminal force to be reckoned with in Tyrosh, with Xhabo as his chief enforcer.

But nothing lasts forever. Loraquo eventually overextended his reach and crossed a pirate lord from Lys. The bloodthirsty Lyseni's vengeance was swift and brutal, forcing Xhabo and a badly injured Loraquo to flee Tyrosh with just a few lockboxes of gold. Loraquo's crippling wounds meant that Xhabo became his caretaker, a debt he felt that he long owed the man for rescuing him from Slaver's Bay.

Laws of the Undercity

The "laws" that Loraquo laid down are fairly simple:

• Do not draw unnecessary attention to the Undercity.
• Do not betray a fellow underman to the authorities, even if he is your enemy.
• Do not engage in blood feuds, as an endless cycle of revenge is bad business for everybody. If a serious grievance arises, take it out of Undercity, or bring it before the Court of Thieves, and abide by the ruling given.

Those that violate these rules risk the full wrath of Xhabo and his enforcers, and very likely other undermen who would rather see things running smoothly.

The pair resurfaced in Westeros in 116, in the port city of Oldtown. Using the wealth they had brought with them, they began spreading coin around, making inquiries and occasionally hiring local lowlifes for small jobs — all in the name of a mysterious new figure in the criminal world: Loraquo. As the years passed the jobs got bigger, as did Loraquo's influence and power. But the mysterious underworld lord would never be seen nor spoken to by anyone by his most trusted lieutenant, Xhabo Duna, who guarded his secrecy fiercely.

Loraquo's power was cemented by uniting the "undermen" (denizens and operators of the Undercity), not through force, but through demonstrating methods of mutual prosperity and self-policing to keep the eyes of the City Watch and Hightower away from Undercity. Of course, no society of thieves and thugs can be tamed without some force. Loraquo also maintains a considerable gang of enforcers to keep his laws, led by Xhabo.

The true secret to Loraquo's method is the "Court of Thieves", where undermen can come to air grievances with their neighbours, or seek aid when in need. Xhabo Duna and his men are also known to patrol the Thieves Market, settling trouble before it turns into something the City Watch cannot ignore. Those that bring violence there during "business hours" quickly learn that the seedy part of the city is far from lawless.



Character Sheet

Abilities and Specialties

Ability Rank Specialties
Agility 2 Acrobatics: 0B, Balance: 0B, Contortions: 0B, Dodge: 0B, Quickness: 0B
Animal Handling 2 Drive: 0B, Ride: 0B, Soothe: 0B, Train: 0B
Athletics 2 Climb: 0B, Jump: 0B, Run: 0B, Strength: 0B, Swim: 0B, Throw: 0B
Awareness 2 Empathy: 0B, Notice: 0B
Culture 2 Breeding: 0B, Politics: 0B, Tournaments: 0B
Cunning 2 Decipher: 0B, Logic: 0B, Memory: 0B, Stewardship: 0B
Deception 2 Act: 0B, Bluff: 0B, Cheat: 0B, Disguise: 0B
Endurance 2 Resilience: 0B, Stamina: 0B
Fighting 2 Axes: 0B, Bludgeons: 0B, Brawling: 0B, Long Blades: 0B, Pole-arms: 0B, Shields: 0B, Short Blades: 0B, Spears: 0B
Healing 2 Diagnosis: 0B, Treat Ailment: 0B, Treat Injury: 0B
Knowledge 2 Education: 0B, Research: 0B, Streetwise: 0B
Marksmanship 2 Bows: 0B, Crossbows: 0B, Siege: 0B, Thrown: 0B
Persuasion 2 Bargain: 0B, Charm: 0B, Convince: 0B, Incite: 0B, Intimidate: 0B, Seduce: 0B, Taunt: 0B
Stealth 2 Blend In: 0B, Sneak: 0B
Survival 2 Forage: 0B, Hunt: 0B, Orientation: 0B, Track: 0B
Thievery 2 Pick Lock: 0B, Sleight of Hand: 0B, Steal: 0B
Warfare 2 Command: 0B, Strategy: 0B, Tactics: 0B
Will 2 Coordinate: 0B, Courage: 0B, Dedication: 0B


Status 2 Reputation +0


  • Common Tongue

Benefits & Drawbacks

Benefit Type Description
{$quality} {$description}
Drawback Description
{$quality} {$description}


Initiative Intrigue Defense Composure
{$initiative} {$intrigueDefense} {$composure}
Awareness (Empathy) Awareness + Culture + Cunning Will Rank x 3


Initiative Combat Defense Health
{$initiative} {$combatDefense} {$health}
Agility (Quickness) Agility + Athletics + Awareness Endurance Rank x 3


Armor Type Armor Rating Armor Penalty Bulk
{$armorType} {$armorRating} {$armorPenalty} {$bulk}
Reduce Damage by Rating Apply to Agility Test Results and Combat Defense Reduces Movement


Weapon Test Damage Qualities
{$weapon} {$test} {$damage} {$qualities}


Base Movement Burdened Movement Sprint Burdened Sprint
{$base} {$burdened} {$sprint} {$burdenedSprint}
4 (3 if Athletics 1) Yards +1 per 2B in Run -1 yard per 2 points of Bulk Base Movement x 4 -1 yard per point of Bulk

Gear & Belongings



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