Trent Bulwer
Portrayed by Henry Cavill
Name: Ser Trent Bulwer
Alias: "Young Bull"
Status: Noble
Rank/Title: Lord
Occupation: Knight
Faction: House Bulwer
Birthplace: Blackcrown, The Reach
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Motivation: {$motivation}
Virtue: {$virtue}
Vice: {$vice}
A Song of Ice and Fire


Trent was 10 when his father was killed in a duel. Trent's mother, Clara Costayne, now Septa Clara had an affair with a Water Dancer from Braavos. Unlike his younger siblings, Elyn and Markton, Trent can remember their father and what it was like for their mother. Uncle Harrian is their father, while Trent grew up after his father's death feeling more like an orphan for the fact that Clara was not allowed to interact with them. What his mother did was dishonorable and unforgivable, but that never removed the fact that she's his mother from his heart. She took her vows and became godsworn as a septa, ironically it was around the time when he was old enough to come out from Harrian's shadow and speak with his mother that she took greater vows and became a Silent Sister. A clear sign to Trent that she didn't want to talk about it. So he has thrown himself into the honorable lifestyle of knighthood. Doing his part in trying to wipe the shame from his families past.

He has married well and has great affection for his wife, Lia Redwyne. She has brought a bit of life and levity to Blackcrown. Made Trent feel like he has a true family once again. They have a few children: Claryce, who's just married Chass Blackbar. Trenton I, who is in the North acting as a squire to Cregan Stark. Then there's little Baylee, she is her mother's daughter and she loves helping Lia tend to matters of the house.

The older Trent gets, the more things get tense between him and Uncle Harrian. Harrian clutches the title of Head of House and casts suspicion on Trent that he wants to take it from him. Meanwhile Trent is happy to be a knight, husband, and father. Trent knows that Harrian wants Markton, Trent's little brother, to succeed him and become the Head of House when he's gone. Just how far Harrian'll go to make this happen has Trent very nervous.



Lia Bulwer

Lia Bulwer


Lia was a Redwyne, she brought with her a sense of joy and merriment that Blackcrown was in dire need of. He cares about her a great deal.









Character Sheet

Abilities and Specialties

Ability Rank Specialties
Agility 2 Acrobatics: 0B, Balance: 0B, Contortions: 0B, Dodge: 0B, Quickness: 0B
Animal Handling 2 Drive: 0B, Ride: 0B, Soothe: 0B, Train: 0B
Athletics 2 Climb: 0B, Jump: 0B, Run: 0B, Strength: 0B, Swim: 0B, Throw: 0B
Awareness 2 Empathy: 0B, Notice: 0B
Culture 2 Breeding: 0B, Politics: 0B, Tournaments: 0B
Cunning 2 Decipher: 0B, Logic: 0B, Memory: 0B, Stewardship: 0B
Deception 2 Act: 0B, Bluff: 0B, Cheat: 0B, Disguise: 0B
Endurance 2 Resilience: 0B, Stamina: 0B
Fighting 2 Axes: 0B, Bludgeons: 0B, Brawling: 0B, Long Blades: 0B, Pole-arms: 0B, Shields: 0B, Short Blades: 0B, Spears: 0B
Healing 2 Diagnosis: 0B, Treat Ailment: 0B, Treat Injury: 0B
Knowledge 2 Education: 0B, Research: 0B, Streetwise: 0B
Marksmanship 2 Bows: 0B, Crossbows: 0B, Siege: 0B, Thrown: 0B
Persuasion 2 Bargain: 0B, Charm: 0B, Convince: 0B, Incite: 0B, Intimidate: 0B, Seduce: 0B, Taunt: 0B
Stealth 2 Blend In: 0B, Sneak: 0B
Survival 2 Forage: 0B, Hunt: 0B, Orientation: 0B, Track: 0B
Thievery 2 Pick Lock: 0B, Sleight of Hand: 0B, Steal: 0B
Warfare 2 Command: 0B, Strategy: 0B, Tactics: 0B
Will 2 Coordinate: 0B, Courage: 0B, Dedication: 0B


Status 2 Reputation +0


  • Common Tongue

Benefits & Drawbacks

Benefit Type Description

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Drawback Description

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Initiative Intrigue Defense Composure
{$initiative} {$intrigueDefense} {$composure}
Awareness (Empathy) Awareness + Culture + Cunning Will Rank x 3


Initiative Combat Defense Health
{$initiative} {$combatDefense} {$health}
Agility (Quickness) Agility + Athletics + Awareness Endurance Rank x 3


Armor Type Armor Rating Armor Penalty Bulk
{$armorType} {$armorRating} {$armorPenalty} {$bulk}
Reduce Damage by Rating Apply to Agility Test Results and Combat Defense Reduces Movement


Weapon Test Damage Qualities
{$weapon} {$test} {$damage} {$qualities}


Base Movement Burdened Movement Sprint Burdened Sprint
{$base} {$burdened} {$sprint} {$burdenedSprint}
4 (3 if Athletics 1) Yards +1 per 2B in Run -1 yard per 2 points of Bulk Base Movement x 4 -1 yard per point of Bulk

Gear & Belongings



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